The Adventurer's Path gives you very nice rewards where it will help you progress to mid game a lot easier with many items that will help improve your characters. This is just a mini guide on the rewards you can get once you complete those early tasks to give you a good head start.

Clear Stage 1-3 Adventure

Gold x10,000

Clear Stage 1-5 Adventure

Lv. 27 Hp Set x1

Clear Stage 1-8 Adventure

Clear Stage 1-10 Adventure

Gold x10,000

Complete Selective Summon

Lv. 27 Atk Set x1

Clear Stage 2-2 Adventure

Enhance Artifact to +3

Enter Labyrinth

Spend 40 Ancient Coins

Enhance Equipment to +6

Gold x30,000

Clear Stage 2-4 Adventure

Raise Penguin in Forest of Souls

Clear Stage 2-7 Adventure

Lesser Equipment Charm x2

Enhance 2 pieces of Equipement to +6

Gold x50,000

Summon 1 Time

Clear Stage 2-10 Adventure

Lv. 41 Hp Set x1

Clear Stage 3-1 Adventure

Gold x50,000

Clear Stage 3-2 Adventure

Complete Arena Battle 1 Time

Clear Stage 3-3 Adventure

Clear Any Hunt 1

Gold x50,000

Craft 4 pieces of Equipment in Steel Workshop

Clear Stage 4-1 Adventure

Lv. 41 Lifesteal Set x1
Lesser Equipment Charm x3

Enhance Equipment to +9

Lesser Artifact Charm x2

Clear Any Hunt 2

Clear Stage 4-4 Adventure

Enhance Equipment to +9

Enhance a Hero's Skill 1 Time

Clear Floor 5 of Abyss

Greater Equipment Charm x2
Lv. 41 Def Set x1

Clear Stage 4-10 Adventure

Complete Arena Battle 3 Times

Lesser Artifact Charm x3
Gold x100,000

Enhance Artifact to +6

Enter Labyrinth

Gold x100,000
Lesser Equipment Charm x5

Clear Any Spirit Altar 4

Lv. 41 Atk Set x1
Lv. 41 Crit Rate Set x1

Clear Stage 5-10 Adventure

Greater Equipment Charm x3

Enhance Equipment to +12

Gold x100,000

Enhance a Hero's Skill 1 Time

Greater Equipment Charm x3

Promote a 3 Star Hero to 4 Stars

Clear Stage 7-10 Adventure

Remarkable Adventurer

Completion Rewards