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Boss Hunt is the area where you farm good gear equipment to power up your characters. The most common Boss Hunt that people focus on first is the Wyvern Hunt, then followed by either Golem, Azimanak or Banshee.

Golem Hunt is easier than Azimanak and Banshee, with Banshee being the hardest to build a team for.


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Wyvern Hunt is an end game mission where you get to farm probably the most important set in the game: Speed set!  There are a few things you need to know about this hunt.

The Wyvern stage is split into 2 battles. The first battle is against 3 small snakes and a giant snake. Their attacks can apply poison debuff. This stage is a health and DPS check as if you lack both of that, you will fail before getting to the Wyvern. Bringing a debuff immunity/cleanser character will help keep your team healthy.

After clearing the first battle, you will take on the boss Wyvern himself. He has 3 primary attacks:

  • Fire Breath – An attack that inflicts poison for 2 turns.
  • Tail Swing (4 Turns Cooldown) – Grants the wyvern barrier and dispels all your team’s buffs (can be resisted!)
  • Dragon’s Might – Deals a devastating AoE attack to your team. Should you survive, his attack is permanently increased by 30% with the Dragon Rage passive.
  • Wyvern is immune to Stun, Slow, Provoke, Silence and Decrease Combat Readiness

Key Things to Note

Wyvern 9/10 has a very high base speed (about 170/220 respectively). If you are running a speed team, you want your buffer or combat readiness buffer to be faster than 170/220 speed. The other option is to run a tanky team.

On Wyvern 9/10, you will need to apply 2 debuffs to make his fire breath attack once. For all lower stages, you just need to apply 1 debuff.

Update: Wyvern 11

With the new patch, Wyvern 11 is added and there are a few changes to the mechanics for it. Here is the megathread on Reddit for the Wyvern 11 stats. He has about 140k hp.

Note: Wyvern 11 hits 3 fire breaths instead of 2. Also, he will always only target the front line ONLY until he/she is dead. So that means you can have an offensive backline and not worry about dying, as long as they have 7k hp to survive first wave and enough damage to take down the Wyvern. Bringing non-ice units gives the Wyvern +10% combat readiness each time a non-ice unit ends their turn.

Also, having 2 or more debuffs on him will reduce the damage he deals to your frontline.


Fire Protection [Passive] – Increases Damage suffered from ice elemental heroes by 30% while increasing damage dealt to non-ice elemental heroes by 30%. When a non-ice elemental hero turn ends, increases Wyvern’s CR by 10%.

Super Acceleration [Passive] – Increases attack after attacking. The effect stacks each attack.

Dragon Might [Active] – Creates a gust of wind by moving incredibly fast and attacks all enemies, dispelling all buffs. This cannot be resisted. After attacked, creates a shockwave and deals additional damage.

Fireball Barrage [Active] – Shoots a fireball at an enemy, dispels one debuff and decreases their combat readiness by 10%. After attacking, attacks the same enemy two more times. If the caster has two or fewer debuffs, greatly increases damage dealt. Will only attack the front unit.

Tail Swing [Active] – Attacks all enemies with a tail swing, dispelling all debuffs inflicted on the caster. Grants a barrier for 1 turn. Decreases the speed of caster while the barrier is active and actives dragon might if the barrier is not destroyed by the end of the caster’s next turn. Cannot be dispelled.

Here is a concise guide by maruchanr from Reddit on creating F2P Wyvern 11 teams:

Wyvern 13 Guide from Grass Angel:


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Golem is the map where you get to farm for health, defense and attack sets. It is the second most popular map after Wyvern as most healers do want the health set.

Golem Mechanics

The golem is a relatively slow unit that likes to counter attack. Let’s go over the basic mechanics of the stage.

The first stage consists of 1 bee and 2 turtles. The turtles are tanky and on the second turn, they deal AoE damage and apply attack down. The bee can apply poison.

The second stage consists of the boss golem, a healing tree and a buff stone.

  • Buff Stone – Gives the golem attack and defense buff. Dispel characters come in handy here.
  • Healing Tree – Can heal the golem for a good amount. Unhealable debuff is very useful here.
  • Golem – Each time you hit him reduces his ultimate cooldown by 1 turn. Once it is max, he will hit you with a counter attack that can stun. When it is his turn, he uses a much stronger AoE attack that can defense break + stun you.

Maxnumbers gives a really good breakdown on what to expect for Golem 1-10.

Golem 11

Some key things to note about Golem hunt 11 is that the healing tree cleanses all debuffs and gives him a 2 turn attack buff + heals the Golem! And the Golem hits very hard. Also, the Golem stuns Ice units 100% of the time unless resisted.

You can’t use under geared Kiris to cheese him easy. You have to build a proper damage team to farm it consistently.

The Only Trasher from Reddit has posted a very detailed guide on how to build a G11 team. Have a look at his work:



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Banshee is the least popular hunt, but it does hold some really good end game sets in destruction, lifesteal and counter sets. Some top damage dealers like Challenger Dominiel and Guider Aither use destruction sets while some niche units (Purggis, Violet etc.) use the counter set.

Banshee has 2 different phases. She will split into banshees after losing 1/3 and 2/3 of her health respectively. She has lower health compared to the other 2 hunt bosses.

This battle is particularly debuff heavy, with bleed and curse getting inflicted on your team. A cleanser or debuff immunity character is recommended here to keep your team out of harms way.

Building a Banshee team is probably the hardest since the runs are long (4 minutes + usually) due to the splitting phases. Thankfully, u/SatorArepoT from Reddit has written a comprehensive guide on a short 30 second to 1 minute but requires a specific setup. You can have a look at it here below:

This has opened up a lot of options for you to have a much shorter run, but it does have a 15% fail rate due to defense breaks not landing.

If you don’t have the resources to make a 1 minute Banshee team yet, you can look at the basic team building version that is written by TheOnlyTrasher from Reddit:


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The Azimanak Hunt is the place to get Immunity, Rage and Unity sets. If you want to do PvP or try out Dual Attack compositions, then this hunt will be for you. Rage is also a great set for overall damage due to the 30% raw increase in damage when enemy is debuffed.

The Azimanak Hunt mechanics are quite simple and here are some key things you need to successfully run this hunt:

  • At least 1 AoE attacker
  • At least 1 buff stripper
  • At least 1 healer

Fatalyz from Reddit elaborates on the points we made above:


The Boss can gain berserk after a certain amount of hits, and it can stack up to 4 times. Each berserk level increases her attack, defense and speed, making her more powerful overall. So you want to be able to strip the buff consistently or she will overpower you with her attacks.



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Caides is the new boss. Will be updated soon.