Event Description Duration Ends in
Dark Side of the Moon
After years of searching, King Alfred finally found his long-lost queen, only to discover she had died. Unable to let her go, he made a Homunculus from her body and sought to bring back her soul... Jun 04 - Jun 18
Vildred Banner
1% chance for Vildred! 1.05% for Wind Rider artifact. 121 pity summon. Jun 04 - Jun 11
Sigret Banner
1% chance for Sigret, 1.05% chance for Cradle of Life artifact. 121 pity summon. Jun 04 - Jun 11
Ludwig Banner
1% chance for ARA ARA Ludwig and 1.05% for Time Matter artifact. 121 pity summon! May 28 - Jun 04
Elena Banner
1% for Elena, 1.05% for Stella Harpa Artifact. 121 pity summon. May 28 - Jun 04
A Healing Breeze
Ray and his father get into a large argument over his responsibility of being heir to the family. Then one day, something happens, resulting in Ray walking away from his own family... May 21 - Jun 04
1% for Ray, 1.05% for the artifact Doctor's Bag. 121 pity summon. May 21 - Jun 04
Elphelt Valentine Banner
1% chance for Elphelt, 1.05% chance for her artifact Ms Confille. Limited! May 14 - May 21
Dizzy Banner
1% chance for Dizzy, 1.05% chance for Necro and Undine artifact. 121 pity summon! Limited summon! May 07 - May 21
Destina Banner
1% chance for Destina, 1.05% chance for Shimadra Staff, 121 pity! Apr 30 - May 07
Baiken Banner
1% chance for Baiken, 1.05% chance for Torn Sleeve, 121 pity. Baiken is limited! Apr 30 - May 14
Visitors From Another World
Orbis regains peace after the Archdemon War. However, circumstances soon bring about chaos once again, while at the same time, visitors from another world start to appear in Ritania... Apr 30 - May 21
The Chosen Shaman
As is expected of all Shamans of Rekos, Luluca is about to undergo the ritual of Spiritual Communion when suddenly a series of unexpected events occur... Apr 23 - May 07
Melissa Banner
1% for Melissa, 1.05% for Bloody Rose artifact, 121 pity summon! Apr 23 - Apr 30
Luluca Banner
1% for Luluca, 1.05% for Spirit Breath artifact, 121 pity summon. Apr 23 - Apr 30
Kayron Banner
121 pity summon, 1% chance or Kayron and 1.05% chance for Alexa's Basket. Apr 16 - Apr 23
Krau Banner
121 pity summon, 1% chance for Krau and 1.05% chance for Holy Sacrifice. Apr 16 - Apr 23
Free Summons!
Players can free summon 10 times daily for 7 days during the 70 Free Summon event. Apr 17 - May 08
Beyond the Boundary
Even after becoming an official shaman, Roana struggles to open her heart to others. After choosing to become caretaker of the Dimensional Archives, she is caught up in a strange incident on her first day. Apr 09 - Apr 23
Roana Banner
1% for Roana, 1.05% for Touch of Rekos. 121 Pity Summon! Apr 09 - Apr 23
Kise Banner
1% chance for Kise, 1.05% chance for Albastron artifact. 121 pity summon! Apr 02 - Apr 09
An Elf's Initiation
Iseria left Dun Blyraia together with a group of other elves and settled in a deep forest. However, a decade later, they may be forced to leave their homes again... Mar 26 - Apr 09
Lilias Banner
1% chance for Lilias, 1.05% chance for Bastion of Perlutia. 121 pity summon. Mar 26 - Apr 02
Iseria Banner
1% chance for Iseria, 1.05% chance for Song of Stars. 121 pity summon. Mar 26 - Apr 02
Tenebria Banner
1% chance for Tenebria, 1.05% chance for Time Matter. 121 pity summon. Mar 19 - Mar 26
Vivian Banner
1% chance for Vivian and 1.05% chance for Dingus Orb. 121 pity summon. Mar 19 - Mar 26
Yuna's Inventions
More freebies! Mar 12 - Apr 01
Requiem of the Forsaken
Kawerik seeks a way back to Cidonia as the side effects of the enhanced mage experiments begin to take their toll on his body, but the consequences of his past choices begin to tighten around his throat… Mar 12 - Mar 26
Kawerik Banner
1% for Kawerik, and 1.05% for his artifact Black Hand of the Goddess. Mar 12 - Mar 26
Charlotte Banner
1% for remaked Charlotte, 1.05% for buffed Holy Sacrifice artifact. Mar 05 - Mar 12
Cerise Banner
1% for Cerise, 1.05% for her artifact, Guiding Light. 121 pity! Feb 27 - Mar 12
Extraordinary Chocolate Extravaganza
Receive more items and energy! Feb 20 - Mar 11
Lilibet Banner
1% chance for Lolibet, 1.05% chance for Creation and Destruction artifact. 121 pity summon! Feb 20 - Mar 05
Lidica Banner
1% chance for Lidica, 1.05% chance for Sword of Judgement Artifact. 121 pity summon! Feb 20 - Feb 27
Bittersweet Dessert Festival
A story between the Heroes of Cidonia and Ritania as meet for the festival held in Perland! Week 1 of the Special Side Story, Bittersweet Dessert Festival is ready to begin! Feb 20 - Mar 12
Basar Banner
1% chance to get Basar, 1.05% for Abyssal Crown. 121 pity summon! Feb 13 - Feb 20
Valentine Event
Tirel Castle is in chaos after the death of Queen Diene! Fight against an unidentified group plotting in the chaos of Tirel Castle to find your true love! The Side Story “So the Roses May Bloom” will be a 2-week event that mainly focuses on the story rather than battles. Meet various Heroines and experience the sweet ending of this story. Feb 13 - Mar 12
Cermia Banner
Cermia 1% chance, Border Coin 1.05% chance! Feb 06 - Feb 13
2020 Fan Art Contest
Vote for your favorite fan art for more prizes!!! Jan 30 - Feb 12
Two Wolves
Pavel passed the Perland Raiders' entrance exam with flying colors, but his life in the Raiders has been nothing but awkward. On top of that, Violet and Cerise start lauding him as their lifesaver and asking him to be their friend. Will Pavel really be able to get closer to these two? Jan 30 - Feb 13
Pavel Banner
1% chance for Pavel and 1.05% chance for Dux Noctics artifact! Jan 30 - Feb 13
Destiny's Arcana
Hurado the troll lord is here to give us some gifts. Jan 23 - Feb 19
Bellona Banner
1% for Bellona and 1.05% for Iron Fan artifact. Jan 23 - Jan 30
Sweet Nightmare
Yufine is having a wonderful time spending her days helping Garo at his pub in Ritania. But one day, a Dragon who claims to be her aunt shows up to take her back to Eureka... Jan 16 - Jan 30
Drop Rate Up
· Yufine
1% chance for Yufine, 1.05% for her artifact! Jan 16 - Jan 23
Charles Banner
1% chance for Big Daddy Charles, 1.05% for his artifact. Jan 09 - Jan 16
Fireworks Festival
Make your dreams come true! Jan 04 - Jan 23
Eulogy for a Saint
See Diene in the midst of the Archdemon War 20 years ago. Dec 26 - Jan 06
Alencia's Banner
1% chance for Alencia and 1.05% chance for her artifact! Jan 02 - Jan 16
Krau Banner
1% for Papa Krau and a 1.05% chance to summon Noble Oath artifact. Dec 26 - Jan 02
Diene + New Artifact Banner
Diene banner re-run starting on Christmas Eve until Jan 16th 2020! Dec 24 - Jan 16
Drop Rate Up
· Iseria
Iseria, the Knight of Flowers and Second-in-Command of the Order of the Sword, and the Ranger Exclusive Artifact, Song of Stars, are ready to meet you in this special Drop Rate Up event! Dec 19 - Dec 26
A Small Miracle
As the New Year arrives, it is tradition in Ezera to write a small wish onto a piece of paper and release it into the sky. To bring happiness to these precious hearts, Ras and Arky get moving... Dec 19 - Jan 02
Project Santa
Christmas is almost here! Send gifts to your friends for bonus rewards! Dec 12 - Jan 01
Drop Rate Up
· Violet
1% chance to get Violet and also 1.05% chance to get Violet Talisman as well. 121 pity summon. Dec 12 - Dec 19
Drop Rate Up
· Elena
Several Constellan merchants have been charged with smuggling and detained in the Aakhen Exile Colony. Under pressure from the elders of Constella, Elena, who succeeded her parents as High Priestess, embarks for the exile colony in the hopes of resolving the matter… Dec 05 - Dec 19
Drop Rate Up
· Elena
1% chance to get Elena, with a shot at Stella Harpa artifact. 121 pity summon! Dec 05 - Dec 19
Drop Rate Up
· Ravi
1% chance for Ravi and also chance to get Sigurd Scythe. 121 pity summon for Ravi. Nov 28 - Dec 05
Destina's Monster Rescue
Daily Reward with Destina! Capture your monster for nice gifts! Nov 21 - Dec 12
Like Father, Like Daughter
A stubborn daughter and overprotective father. As they hide their true feelings about each other, misunderstandings between the two only grow deeper with each passing day... Find out what happens in this Side Story today! Nov 21 - Dec 05
Basar Banner
1% chance to get Basar, 121 pity summon. Nov 21 - Nov 28
Hatred Blooms Red
Melissa, a Vampire who dreams of revenge after losing everything. She fell in love with a Vampire she met at a ball and soon became a Vampire herself. She was enraged to discover her love had betrayed her. Though he had since died, that won't stop her exacting her revenge on his son. Nov 07 - Nov 21
Melissa Banner
1% chance for Melissa, 1.05% chance for Bloody Rose artifact! 121 pity summon. Nov 07 - Nov 21
Halloween Afterparty
Vote for your favorite Halloween Queen! Oct 31 - Nov 21
Drop Rate Up
· Luna
1% chance for Luna and also chance to get Draco Plate! Oct 31 - Nov 14
Ravenwing Manor Story
Whispers of ghosts keep anyone from approaching Solayu’s deserted Ravenwing Manor. That doesn’t stop Serila and a few other brave souls from entering, but it’s not long before its secrets begin to reveal themselves… Oct 24 - Nov 14
Cecilia Banner
1% chance to get Fire Cecelia, with 121 pity summon! Oct 24 - Oct 31
Sez Banner
1% chance for Sez, 121 pity summon. Oct 17 - Oct 24
Operation Find Arky
Find Arky hidden among the maple leaves! Oct 10 - Oct 31
One Blade, One Truth
Twenty years ago, after the end of the Archdemon War, Vildred began searching for evidence of what he was told by Kayron. However, the longer he seeks the truth, the more complicated things reveal themselves to be... Oct 09 - Oct 24
Vildred Banner
1% chance to get Vildred! Also 121 pity summon! Oct 09 - Oct 16
Written in Blood
Lilias is a descendant of the royal family of Perlutia, a kingdom that once ruled over Cidonia. While waiting for an opportunity to become the leader of Perland, she takes advantage of an approaching threat to take a step closer to that dream... Sep 26 - Oct 09
Drop Rate Up
· Lilias
1% chance to get Lilias and her artifact Bastion of Perlutia(1.05%). 121 Pity summon for Lilias! Sep 25 - Oct 09
Drop Rate Up
· Tenebria
1% chance for Tenebria, 121 pity summon. Sep 19 - Sep 26
Basar's Luxury Goods
Collect Coins and pay our luxury shop a visit! Sep 17 - Oct 09
Full Moon Festival Buff
EXP/Gold/Runes/Mat event! Sep 12 - Sep 15
Tamarinne Banner
1% chance to get Tamarinne, 121 pity summon! Sep 11 - Sep 18
Chaotic Moon Festival
When Basar commissions Yuna to make Machinery for use in Savara's Full Moon Festival, she decides to search for Selenite to decorate the Machinery with. Sep 04 - Sep 26
Drop Rate Up
· Yufine
1% chance to get Yufine! Also has a 121 pity summon. Sep 05 - Sep 11
Free Unequip Event
Unequip gear at no cost! Sep 05 - Sep 08
Daily Event - Whack Arky
Use Chloe's hammer to smack Arky. Aug 29 - Sep 18
Anniversary Event
10 Free Summons! Aug 29 - Sep 04
An Uphill Battle
With her impressive magical ability, Vivian won the title of citylord, but it seems that her fellow sorcerers are unwilling to accept someone with such humble beginnings. In the face of rising disdain and mystery, Vivian's battle begins... Aug 21 - Sep 04
Free Unequip Event August
Unequip equipment at no cost! Aug 21 - Aug 25
Summer Vacation Buff
Increased Gold, Exp, Hunt Materials on various days! Aug 15 - Aug 21
Drop Rate Up
· Kayron
Pity summon of 121 for Kayron! 1% chance for him. Aug 14 - Aug 21
Banshee Chase
Daily event that gives you energy, white accessory charm and gold. Aug 08 - Aug 28
Free Unequip Event (August 2019)
Unequip gear at no cost until Sunday! Aug 08 - Aug 11
Seaside Bellona - Limited
121 summons to get Seaside Bellona!!! 1.05% chance to get Reingar's Special Drink! Jul 31 - Aug 14
Delicious Shaved Ice
Make shaved ice with Dominiel to serve guests for 5 random rewards! Jul 25 - Aug 07
Drop Rate Up
· Sigret
0.8% chance to get Sigret! Jul 25 - Jul 31
Haughty Tailor
New Unknown have appeared, causing Orbis to fall into unrest once again. Eliminate the Unknown and investigate the cause of the Chaos Gate! Jul 24 - Aug 14
Song of the Sea
Karin was busy maintaining order in Reingar amidst an influx of summer visitors when she suddenly collapsed due to exhaustion. The Phantom CIC sent Sez, Rin, and Bellona to help Karin. Jul 24 - Aug 14
Heavy Lies the Crown
Charlotte has been living in isolation, disconnected from the outside world and her role as Lady of La Mare. Until an unexpected encounter with a guest from another continent leads her to ponder the true meaning of being a queen... Jul 17 - Jul 31
Free Unequip Event
Free equipment removal till Sunday! Jul 17 - Jul 21
Exp, Gold and Mats
50% exp and gold increase, hunt mats and rune drops x2 on specific days. Jul 17 - Jul 21
Tamarinne's Rising Star Event
Daily Idol training by the one and only Tamarinne. Jul 11 - Jul 24
A Piece of the Past
After hypnotizing Magnar, Lilibet makes her way to Aakhen. While passing through some ruins along the way, a small accident brings her face-to-face with her memories of the past… Jul 03 - Jul 17
Drop Rate Up
· Lilibet
0.8% chance to get Lilibet, 1.05% chance to get Creation & Destruction Artifact Jul 03 - Jul 17
Cermia's Lucky Day
Daily mission for extra rewards! (1 Molagora and 1 Gold Transmit Stone) Jun 26 - Jul 10
Free Unequip Event
Unequip gear at no cost until Sunday! Jun 26 - Jun 30
Drop Rate Up
· Kise
0.8% chance to get mama Kise. Jun 26 - Jul 03
Stove Event
Get 3 free liefs for doing a task! (Award will be given on July 10th) Jun 25 - Jul 07
Summer Check-In Event
Login 7 days to get awesome gifts! (Molagora seed and an epic 77 boot) Jun 26 - Jul 10
Summer Buff Event
Gold/Exp and Rune Drop Rate Increase during certain times! Jun 25 - Jun 30
Unspoken Truth - Story Event
Schniel, the runaway king of Lefundos, is reunited with Romann and Tywin. He reveals that he has been suffering from an incurable disease; however, it seems that Schniel is hiding something... Jun 19 - Jul 03
Drop Rate Up
· Tywin
0.8% chance to get husbando Tywin. Jun 19 - Jun 26
Scavenger Hunt
Let's go on a picnic with Yufine! Complete all missions to receive energy and gold! Jun 13 - Jun 26
Daily PUSH 2x Energy Event
Receive double the normal amount of energy so you can be well prepared for your adventures! Jun 06 - Jun 08
Story Event
· Luluca
As is expected of all Shamans of Rekos, Luluca is about to undergo the ritual of Spiritual Communion when suddenly a series of unexpected events occur... Jun 05 - Jun 19
Drop Rate Up
· Luluca
0.8% chance to summon Luluca, 1.05% chance to pull the artifact Spirit's Breath. Jun 05 - Jun 19
Magic Dice Event
Prepare to use the magic dice for some nice rewards! May 30 - Jun 12
Drop Rate Up
· Aramintha
0.8% chance to get Aramintha. May 30 - Jun 05
Story Event
· Destina
As the power of Fire grows weaker, Destina, the Spirit Lord of Light, begins her investigation to maintain balance in the world... May 23 - Jun 06
Drop Rate Up
· Destina
Destina gets a drop rate up. May 23 - May 29
Daily Routine
Participate in Righteous Thief Roozid's daily routine for extra stamina and prizes! May 16 - May 29
Drop Rate Up
· Dizzy
1% chance to get Dizzy, 1.05% chance to get the artifact Necro & Undine. You will get Dizzy if you haven't summon her after 120 summons. May 09 - May 22
Aerin’s Special Weekend Event
Gold and Exp Increase weekend during various times!!! May 04 - May 06
Daily Thank You Event
Get awesome gifts such as charms, gold, liefs, bookmarks and Molagora for playing the event! May 02 - May 15
Brawl! Revelator
Take on Baiken and Sol Badguy to get "Portrait of the Saviors" artifact. May 02 - May 22
Drop Rate Up
· Baiken
1% chance to summon Baiken, 1.05% chance to summon Torn Sleeve artifact. 121 summons guaranteed to get Baiken. Apr 25 - May 08
Visitors From Another World
Orbis regains peace after the Archdemon War. However, circumstances soon bring chaos... Apr 25 - May 23
Spring Warm-Up Event
Alexa's Order of the Sword is looking to collect spring flowers in exchange for wonderful rewards! Apr 17 - May 01
Story Event
· Haste
Learn more about Haste's story and how he fits in the world of Epic Seven. Apr 18 - May 02
Drop Rate Up
· Ken
0.8% chance to get Ken. Apr 18 - Apr 24
Drop Rate Up
· Haste
0.8% chance to pull Haste. Apr 18 - Apr 24