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So below is a list of all data that I found useful and can help you in your E7 journey.


Reddit Wiki – List of useful information and resources.

Skill Multiplier – A data mined spreadsheet of all character skills.

Epic 7 Podcast – A fun podcast with Natsuma and TK Gallant as they discuss about Epic 7 topics.

Catalyst Farming – A spreadsheet of catalyst farming locations.

E7 DB – Another valuable resource for info.

Discord Tier List – Another source to see other people’s opinions on E7 characters.

Catalyst Shop Item Locations – Made by offensearmor and it gives you a visual view of where to farm AP points for the catalyst you want.

30 Second Banshee 11 Runs – A detailed guide by SatorArepoT on how to one shot Banshee consistently to farm faster.

Detailed Abyss Guide – Gives you a good overview of the hard floors and what team compositions to bring. Written by u/u7231u4FA3

Friendship Levels – A simple chart that shows the stage clears required for each level.

Wyvern 11 Rush – A comprehensive guide for Wyvern 11 as quickly as possible for new players by Actinium.

Cidonia AP SHOP – Updated up to Chapter 5. By PhyXer.

CP Calculator – A simple calculator to give an estimate of your hero CP by YufineThrowAway.

Kuri’s Compendium – A datasheet with all the info about the game. Very useful database for those that love spreadsheets.

Damage Calculator – by Maphe.

xSkyKing’s Site – A top player’s stats for his characters and also a streamer.

Guild Wars Tool – Let’s you report stats and track Guild Wars. Very good and handy for more serious Guild Wars.

E7herder – DB and renders of high quality E7 character images.


Lab Chat/Point Spreadsheet – Goes over all the character chats + points gained.

Top Labyrinth Teams – A great tool for optimizing for the best lab team.

Beginner Lab Runs Zone 1 – Basic guide and mechanic explanation for Labyrinth and item locations!

Hell Raid Map – Optimal route by antilame.