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Character Tier List


Event Description Duration Ends in
Chloe Banner
1% chance for Chloe, 1.05% chance for A Little Queen's Huge Crown. 121 guaranteed pity summon! Mar 04 - Mar 11
Ray Banner
1% chance for Ray, 1.05% chance for Doctor's Bag. 121 pity summon! Mar 04 - Mar 11
Pavel Banner
1% chance for Pavel, 1.05% chance for Dux Noctis. 121 guaranteed pity summon! Feb 25 - Mar 04
Kayron Banner
1% chance for Kayron, 1.05% chance for Alexa's Basket. 121 guaranteed pity summon! Feb 25 - Mar 04
Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~
When many clubs in Reingar are discovered to be on the brink of collapse, the Student Council begins planning a festival during which all clubs can promote themselves. Many different departments and clubs join forces to hold the festival, and they all begin to enjoy the festival in their own way... Feb 25 - Mar 18
Tenebria Banner
1% chance for Tenebria, 1.05% chance for Crimson Moon of Nightmares. 121 guaranteed pity summon! Feb 18 - Feb 25
Kise Banner
1% chance for Kise, 1.05% chance for Alabastron. 121 pity summon! Feb 11 - Feb 18
Limited Group Summon
3 Limited units at once! 0.33% for either Diene, Landy or Cerise, 0.35% for Wall of Order, Unfading Memories or Guiding Light. 120 pity summon (technically)! Feb 11 - Feb 25
Bittersweet Dessert Festival
A story between the Heroes of Cidonia and Ritania meet for the festival held in Perland! Feb 11 - Mar 04
Luluca Banner
1% chance for Luluca, 1.05% chance for Spirit's Breath. 121 guaranteed pity summon! Feb 04 - Feb 11