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Character Tier List


Event Description Duration Ends in
Basar Banner
1% chance to get Basar, 1.05% for Abyssal Crown. 121 pity summon! Feb 13 - Feb 20
Valentine Event
Tirel Castle is in chaos after the death of Queen Diene! Fight against an unidentified group plotting in the chaos of Tirel Castle to find your true love! The Side Story “So the Roses May Bloom” will be a 2-week event that mainly focuses on the story rather than battles. Meet various Heroines and experience the sweet ending of this story. Feb 13 - Mar 12
Cermia Banner
Cermia 1% chance, Border Coin 1.05% chance! Feb 06 - Feb 13
2020 Fan Art Contest
Vote for your favorite fan art for more prizes!!! Jan 30 - Feb 12
Two Wolves
Pavel passed the Perland Raiders' entrance exam with flying colors, but his life in the Raiders has been nothing but awkward. On top of that, Violet and Cerise start lauding him as their lifesaver and asking him to be their friend. Will Pavel really be able to get closer to these two? Jan 30 - Feb 13
Pavel Banner
1% chance for Pavel and 1.05% chance for Dux Noctics artifact! Jan 30 - Feb 13
Destiny's Arcana
Hurado the troll lord is here to give us some gifts. Jan 23 - Feb 19
Bellona Banner
1% for Bellona and 1.05% for Iron Fan artifact. Jan 23 - Jan 30
Sweet Nightmare
Yufine is having a wonderful time spending her days helping Garo at his pub in Ritania. But one day, a Dragon who claims to be her aunt shows up to take her back to Eureka... Jan 16 - Jan 30
Drop Rate Up
· Yufine
1% chance for Yufine, 1.05% for her artifact! Jan 16 - Jan 23