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Character Tier List


Event Description Duration Ends in
Drop Rate Up
· Kise
0.8% chance to get mama Kise. Jun 26 - Jul 03
Stove Event
Get 3 free liefs for doing a task! (Award will be given on July 10th) Jun 25 - Jul 07
Summer Check-In Event
Login 7 days to get awesome gifts! (Molagora seed and an epic 77 boot) Jun 26 - Jul 10
Summer Buff Event
Gold/Exp and Rune Drop Rate Increase during certain times! Jun 25 - Jun 30
Unspoken Truth - Story Event
Schniel, the runaway king of Lefundos, is reunited with Romann and Tywin. He reveals that he has been suffering from an incurable disease; however, it seems that Schniel is hiding something... Jun 19 - Jul 03
Drop Rate Up
· Tywin
0.8% chance to get husbando Tywin. Jun 19 - Jun 26
Scavenger Hunt
Let's go on a picnic with Yufine! Complete all missions to receive energy and gold! Jun 13 - Jun 26
Daily PUSH 2x Energy Event
Receive double the normal amount of energy so you can be well prepared for your adventures! Jun 06 - Jun 08
Story Event
· Luluca
As is expected of all Shamans of Rekos, Luluca is about to undergo the ritual of Spiritual Communion when suddenly a series of unexpected events occur... Jun 05 - Jun 19
Drop Rate Up
· Luluca
0.8% chance to summon Luluca, 1.05% chance to pull the artifact Spirit's Breath. Jun 05 - Jun 19