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Character Tier List


Event Description Duration Ends in
Kise Banner
1% chance for Kise, 1.05% chance for Albastron artifact. 121 pity summon! Apr 02 - Apr 09
An Elf's Initiation
Iseria left Dun Blyraia together with a group of other elves and settled in a deep forest. However, a decade later, they may be forced to leave their homes again... Mar 26 - Apr 09
Lilias Banner
1% chance for Lilias, 1.05% chance for Bastion of Perlutia. 121 pity summon. Mar 26 - Apr 02
Iseria Banner
1% chance for Iseria, 1.05% chance for Song of Stars. 121 pity summon. Mar 26 - Apr 02
Tenebria Banner
1% chance for Tenebria, 1.05% chance for Time Matter. 121 pity summon. Mar 19 - Mar 26
Vivian Banner
1% chance for Vivian and 1.05% chance for Dingus Orb. 121 pity summon. Mar 19 - Mar 26
Yuna's Inventions
More freebies! Mar 12 - Apr 01
Requiem of the Forsaken
Kawerik seeks a way back to Cidonia as the side effects of the enhanced mage experiments begin to take their toll on his body, but the consequences of his past choices begin to tighten around his throat… Mar 12 - Mar 26
Kawerik Banner
1% for Kawerik, and 1.05% for his artifact Black Hand of the Goddess. Mar 12 - Mar 26
Charlotte Banner
1% for remaked Charlotte, 1.05% for buffed Holy Sacrifice artifact. Mar 05 - Mar 12