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Character Tier List


Event Description Duration Ends in
Drop Rate Up
· Tenebria
1% chance for Tenebria, 121 pity summon. Sep 19 - Sep 25
Basar's Luxury Goods
Collect Coins and pay our luxury shop a visit! Sep 17 - Oct 09
Full Moon Festival Buff
EXP/Gold/Runes/Mat event! Sep 12 - Sep 15
Tamarinne Banner
1% chance to get Tamarinne, 121 pity summon! Sep 11 - Sep 18
Chaotic Moon Festival
When Basar commissions Yuna to make Machinery for use in Savara's Full Moon Festival, she decides to search for Selenite to decorate the Machinery with. Sep 04 - Sep 25
Drop Rate Up
· Yufine
1% chance to get Yufine! Also has a 121 pity summon. Sep 05 - Sep 11
Free Unequip Event
Unequip gear at no cost! Sep 05 - Sep 08
Daily Event - Whack Arky
Use Chloe's hammer to smack Arky. Aug 29 - Sep 18
Anniversary Event
10 Free Summons! Aug 29 - Sep 04
An Uphill Battle
With her impressive magical ability, Vivian won the title of citylord, but it seems that her fellow sorcerers are unwilling to accept someone with such humble beginnings. In the face of rising disdain and mystery, Vivian's battle begins... Aug 21 - Sep 04