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Character Tier List


Event Description Duration Ends in
Sweet Nightmare
Yufine is having a wonderful time spending her days helping Garo at his pub in Ritania. But one day, a Dragon who claims to be her aunt shows up to take her back to Eureka... Jan 16 - Jan 30
Drop Rate Up
· Yufine
1% chance for Yufine, 1.05% for her artifact! Jan 16 - Jan 23
Charles Banner
1% chance for Big Daddy Charles, 1.05% for his artifact. Jan 09 - Jan 16
Fireworks Festival
Make your dreams come true! Jan 04 - Jan 23
Eulogy for a Saint
See Diene in the midst of the Archdemon War 20 years ago. Dec 26 - Jan 06
Alencia's Banner
1% chance for Alencia and 1.05% chance for her artifact! Jan 02 - Jan 16
Krau Banner
1% for Papa Krau and a 1.05% chance to summon Noble Oath artifact. Dec 26 - Jan 02
Diene + New Artifact Banner
Diene banner re-run starting on Christmas Eve until Jan 16th 2020! Dec 24 - Jan 16
Drop Rate Up
· Iseria
Iseria, the Knight of Flowers and Second-in-Command of the Order of the Sword, and the Ranger Exclusive Artifact, Song of Stars, are ready to meet you in this special Drop Rate Up event! Dec 19 - Dec 26
A Small Miracle
As the New Year arrives, it is tradition in Ezera to write a small wish onto a piece of paper and release it into the sky. To bring happiness to these precious hearts, Ras and Arky get moving... Dec 19 - Jan 02