Sharp Spearhead

Upgrade Material


A head from a broken spear, it is still sharp enough to stab an enemy in the heart.

This is catalyst and an upgrade material for Scorpio characters.


Farming Location

1-S2, 1-S3,
3S-3, 3S-4, 3S-5,
4-1-S6, 4-2-7, 4-2-8, 4-2-9,
7-6, 7-7, 7-8, 7-10,
(4-1) Solayu Swamp AP Shop - 120 AP
(4-2) Solayu Forest AP Shop - 120 AP
C3-2, C3-3, C3-4, C3-5, C3-6, C3-7, C3-8, C3-S1, C3-S2, C3-S5, C3-S6
(C3) Mining City Aakhen AP Shop - 120 AP
C5-2, C5-4, C5-5, C5-S4, C5-S5, C5-S6

Best Farming Location

4-9, C3-8
UH -> Unrecorded History
C -> Cidonia Continent