[Ultimate] Labyrinth Normal Raid Guide for Beginners

[Ultimate] Labyrinth Normal Raid Guide for Beginners


Welcome to the normal raid guide for Labyrinth! It is the first end game content that gives you a nice challenge once you get to player rank 60 with some decent rewards. Unlike the other regular labyrinths, you need 2 labyrinth compasses to enter it.

Most people will run hell raid once they have a good team with decent 70-85 gear. The normal raid is where you will farm until you can take on hell mode. Even after that, you will still farm normal as the Queen drops a free hell key.

For the hell raid guide, click here.

Basics and Mechanics

You will need to beat World Mode 5-9 to unlock Azmakalis Raid. In raid, you get to take on 4 raid bosses and the Queen Azumashik. Once you have defeated 2 raid bosses, you will unlock the top path to fight the Queen. For starters, the easiest raid boss is Arakahan. The other raid bosses’s difficulty will depend on your team composition. Each boss has a unique mechanic that can make it very hard for certain teams if you don’t have specific skills, buffs or debuffs. All the 5 major bosses here are immune to stun, poison, sleep, silence (except Karkanis) and provoke.

When to Attempt Normal Raid

You can attempt normal raid when your team does not die to the mini bosses on your way to the raid bosses. The stats you need from your team are:

  • 7000+ hp
  • 500+ def

For the Queen, you will need:

  • 10000+ hp
  • 600+ def

Queen Azumashik hits a lot harder, especially if any member from your team goes below 50% health. Things go downhill fast from there.


The rewards for completing normal raid includes the following:

  • Epic gear (random substats + each specific boss drops a certain set)
  • Tokens to buy shop items
  • Free hell raid key when defeating Queen Azumashik
  • Ancient Coins

Below are the shop items that you can use tokens to purchase:

  • Heart of Hyprocrisy x1
  • Nightmare Mask x1
  • Black Curse Powder x1
  • Azimanus Dagger (Immunity) x1
  • Azimanus Armor (Speed) x1
  • Azimanus Necklace (Unity) x1
  • Epic Necklace Charm x1
  • Epic Ring Charm x1
  • Queen Azumashik’s Gift x1

This is the drop rate chances for the Azimanus Chest:

Queen Azumashik’s Gift
Gold Transmit Stone 10%
Galaxy Bookmark x1 10%
Molagora 15%
Covenant Bookmark x10 15%
Skystone x100 25%
Gold x200,000 25%

I suggest purchasing the speed armor as the first item as it has all the useful stats for any speed focused unit. Red charms are also great if you want to upgrade your accessories quickly.

Map and Pathing

Upon entering the map, the route to Queen Azumashik is locked until you defeat 2 raid bosses. You always start off with 70 morale. Here is how morale works.

  • Above 30 = +10% health bonus
  • 0 to 30 = +5% health bonus
  • -1 to -30 = No bonus
  • -31 to -49 = -85% stats
  • -50 = -90% stats

Each box you move costs 1 morale. A battle costs 7 morale. Teleporting costs 3 morale.

Reddit user tlpachi has made an excellent text guide for raid. You can check them out here. Below is the map for the normal raid:

If you are just starting out, you can fight the mini bosses and trash mobs as sometimes the mini bosses can drop good purple gear that you can use for your team.

Also, if you can assemble a team that can at least gain 34 morale when camping, you can do all 5 bosses in 3 labyrinth runs, which is 6 tickets every week. The rest you can use it on regular labyrinth for more spirit stone drops to enhance your accessories.

You can also use this wonderful site to check your top morale team -> Click here.

Devourer Arakahan

Eerie Spider

This is probably the easiest boss for most players. Drops tier 5 epic items:

  • Critical Rate Set Armor
  • Attack% Rage Set Boots
  • Unity Set Weapon

The battle consists of the following enemies:

  • Devourer Arakahan (Dark Element) – 90,000 Hp
  • Azimanmus Hunter x2 (Flame Element)  – 11,000 Hp initial, 7,000 Hp when summoned again

Arakahan Skills

Crisis Response (Passive) – Caster is granted an extra turn and skill cooldowns are reduced by 3 turns if attacked when Health is less than 50%. Corrupted Web’s skill cooldown is also reduced by an additional 1 turn after it is used if Health is less than 50%.

Note: This happens when you get him to below 50% health. He gets a full reset on all his skills, allowing him to stun a member of your team + re-summon the Azimanmus Hunters. Arky or any Guardian does not trigger this.

Incubate Venom (Passive) – Increases Attack and Speed of the Caster at the end of each turn. If Corrupted Web can be used, caster is granted stackable increased Attack and Critical Hit Chance.

Note: He becomes stronger as he gets to use his ultimate often. As long as you have enough damage, this will not be an issue. It is a DPS check on your team.

Stance Chance (Passive) – If Corrupted Web can be used, grants immunity that cannot be dispelled and dramatically decreased damages received. If Corrupted Web cannot be used, all enemies are inflicted with an unable to be buffed debuff that cannot be dispelled and is not affected by immunity. Cannot receive Combat Readiness increase effects.

Note: This is the annoying part about him. Each time he uses Corrupted Web, he will apply an anti-buff debuff that sticks with you for 3 turns until he uses Corrupted Web again. You need to time your buffs and use them on the last turn before he uses Corrupted Web for your buffs to work.

Dash (Active) – Dashes towards the enemy and attacks,with a 75% chance to stun for 1 turn.

Note: This can be annoying if you don’t have debuff immunity. Your frontline tank will usually get stunned unless he/she has high effect resistance.

Corrupted Web

Corrupted Web (Active)[3 Turn Cooldown] – Sprays a Corrupted Web at all enemies, decreasing Speed for 2 turns and decreasing Combat Readiness by 50%, before summoning two Azimanmus Hunters. This skill can only be used after all allies except for the caster have died.

Note: Aside from the anti-buff debuff that cannot be cleansed, you are mostly likely to get hit with the speed debuff and -50% combat readiness if your team doesn’t have high effect resistance. A cleanser will be vital here if you want get a turn after the attack.

Battle Tips

For this fight you will always want to clear the 2 Azimanmus Hunters first. They can apply 1 turn defense break and if they all hit a single target, he/she is most likely dead.

At the start of the battle, Devourer Arakahan will use his Corrupted Web as the opener. He has incredibly high defense and is immune to debuffs when he has Corrupted Web ready to use. You won’t be dealing much damage to him when that skill is up. Arky Guardian does bypass the defense though, so you can use it as the opener as well.

He loses his defense and immunity buff once Corrupted Web is used. This is where you want to start attacking him to deal damage. Having 2 AoE attackers will help you kill the mobs and deal damage to him easily.

You will want to start watching out when he is ready to use Corrupted Web again. That will be the turn to use all your buffs and combat readiness push before he applies the anti-buff on your team.

Team Composition

For guardian, you will want to take Arky. He ignores his defense buff to deal full percentage damage. To make this fight easier, you want to bring an attack buffer, an AoE attacker, a defense breaker and a healer. I will exclude 5 star units unless it is easily obtainable. Below are some examples (F2P in mind):

AoE Attacker

Clarissa works wonders in this fight. She has defense break and AoE kill reset, which allows her to deal even more damage. I left out wind units as they can miss. But if you start getting better gear, bringing someone like Bellona or Vildred won’t be an issue despite elemental disadvantage.

Defense Breaker

A defense breaker will make your job easier to deal more damage. Enott is another option but I left him out as he isn’t used often.

Attack Buffer

Yuna and Hazel are the most F2P choices. I would suggest Hazel as she can specialty change to Mascot Hazel and she is used in other areas like Golem Hunt and Abyss.


Mascot Hazel will suffice here. Montmorancy and Aither are budget choices and they can be used as starter Wyvern Hunt 11 healers if you don’t have Angelica. And of course, Angelica is good here due to debuff immunity, barrier and big heals.

Secretary Vera

Miss Worm

Vera is a hard hitting boss. Drops tier 5 epic items:

  • Health Set Armor
  • Critical Hit Set Helmet
  • Immunity Set Hp% Ring (Best Drop)

The battle consists of 3 phases and the starting enemies are:

  • Secretary Vera (Earth Element) – 105,000 Hp
  • Azimanus Watcher -> Azimanus Scout (Light Element) – 6,900 Hp Egg / 11,000 Hp Hatched

Here are the skills of Vera and her monsters depending on the battle phases:

Phase 1

Vera – 105,000 Hp

Mystery of Life (Passive) – Increases Attack and Speed of the caster each time an Azimanus Watcher hatches, and increases Combat Readiness of the caster each time an Azimanus Water takes damage.

Note:  This passive means you cannot run 4 healers and auto it as he will become stronger over time.

Prepare Evolution (Passive) – Transforms into a huge cocoon and summons two Karax Chargers if attacked when Health is less than 50%.

Spew Rock – Basic Attack that Stuns

Spew Rock (Basic Active) – Spits a pile of stones at two random enemies, with a 50%
chance to stun for 1 turn.

Note: This attack can be deadly if the stun lands on your key healers or DPS at the wrong time.

Incubate Egg (Active)[2 Turn Cooldown] – Summon Azimanus Watcher. If a summoned monster already exists, decrease its skill cooldown by 3 turns and grants an extra turn.

Azimanus Watcher

Hatching (Active) – Summons an Azimanus Scout and inflicts all enemies with a random debuff for 3 turns. The caster dies after using this skill.

Note: This can be deadly if a silence lands on your healer or defense break lands on your damage dealer. If you let 3 hatch, it usually means at least one of these will happen to your team.

Phase 2

Vera (Cocoon) – 62,400 Hp

Fetal Movement (Active) – Recovers the caster’s Health. If the caster is already at max Health, grants continuous healing for 1 turn instead.

Complete Hatching (Active)[4 Turn Cooldown] – Summons Secretary Vera with increased Attack, Defense and Speed. If the caster dies before using this skill, Secretary Vera is summoned with decreased Attack, Defense, Speed and max Health.

Note: This is a DPS check. If you lack damage, you won’t kill the cocoon in time. This means the more powerful version will hatch and she does a lot of damage.

Karax Charger – 30,900 Hp

Headbutt – Butts the enemy, decreasing the enemy’s Combat Readiness by 100%.

Note: Delays any of your team members a turn. Having good effect resistance or debuff immunty will help with these. Having a combat readiness pusher also helps.

Phase 3

Vera (Hatched) – 49,000 Hp (If Killed)

Final Evolution (Passive) – Grants the caster stackable Attack, Defense, and Speed increases every turn after hatching from a cocoon.

Note: Prevents you from bringing too many supports. Damage dealers is necessary.

Spew Rock (Active) – Spits a pile of stones at two random enemies, with a 50% chance to stun for 1 turn.

Boulder Vortex

Boulder Vortex (Active)[2 Turn Cooldown] – Stirs up a Boulder Vortex to attack all enemies, with a 75% chance to decrease Attack for 2 turns.

Note: This hits harder as the battle goes on.

Battle Tips


In this battle, having the following will help a lot:

  • Debuff Immunity
  • Debuff Cleansing
  • AoE Attacks
  • Defense Break
  • Attack Down
  • Target Debuff

The goal is to have enough damage to take Vera down before she re-hatch into a more powerful version. If that happens, it is pretty much game over. Letting the Azimanus Watcher hatch on the first phase can also be deadly as they apply random debuffs on your team. This happens when you attack the eggs and it gives Vera increased combat readiness to get his turns faster. If all 3 hatch at the same time, the odds of your team getting wiped is high as defense break or silence debuff is deadly.

Debuff immunity is godlike in this fight, with cleanse coming in a close second. Having defense break helps as you can burst down Vera faster. You can start the battle by getting rid of the hatched eggs first. Do keep in mind that if you attack them, Vera gains combat readiness.

Having units that can slow Vera or decrease his combat readiness will be helpful here. The first phase ends when you get his hp below 50%. All eggs will be destroyed if you haven’t destroyed them.

The second phase will turn her into a cocoon and spawn 2 Karax Chargers that will reduce any target’s combat readiness by 100% when they attack. They also provoke with their special ability. Their sole purpose is to delay you for 4 turns until the cocoon hatches into a powerful worm in phase 3.

It is recommended to just go after the cocoon since you only have 4 turns to get it to 0% health. The Karax Chargers have 30k hp, so it is a waste of time to kill them unless you have crazy burst damage. As long as you have a decent DPS unit and a defense breaker unit, you should be able to burst it down. Debuff immunity and cleanse will be clutch here as well, with debuff immunity making your life easier.

Phase 3 begins when you deplete her HP to 0 in phase 2 or after the boss takes 4 turns. This is a DPS race as she will get stronger each turn. Her AoE attack hits for a lot of damage, so you want to make sure you have your healer ready to sustain that. The other alternative is to burst her down quickly so she won’t get the chance to do that as the battle drags on.

Team Composition

For guardian, you will want to take Zeaon if you don’t have a reliable defense breaker. If you do, Arky will be the better choice as you can spam Arky often due to it consuming less souls.

You will want a team with a defense breaker, attack buffer, at least 1 good DPS and a cleanser/debuff immunity support. I will exclude 5 star units unless it is easily obtainable. Below are some examples (F2P in mind):

Defense Breaker

Bringing water DPS (Karin/Clarissa) is not recommended as the boss is earth element, so there will be a 50% miss chance and therefore lowering your chance to land a defense break. Thankfully, Falconer Kluri’s defense break bypasses elemental disadvantage, so you don’t have to worry about missing. However, it can be still be resisted.


Regular Lorina is also viable as long as she is geared decently. She is the most commonly used DPS for many F2P players that don’t have a solid DPS. Cidd is also good here as he fills the role of DPS and defense breaker. Carminerose is a sleeper unit that is very good here. She can delay the bosses’s turn due to her slow debuff and -35% to 50% combat readiness on her skill 2. She also brings her own defense and attack buff to compensate for her low health.

Attack Buffer

This role is optional and can be excluded if you have reliable defense breakers.