RTA Tier List – July 2020 [Master-Challenger]

by Dredrick

This tier list is made by Dredrick, who plays in Champion ranks in RTA. Those not listed in there means they are not played often enough to be in there. However, the list is made for master/challenger players. This is what you would expect from those ranks.

You can check out his channel at -> https://www.twitch.tv/dredrick

The previous tier list can be seen here: https://epic7x.com/rta-tier-list-v1-3/


  • S+ (Dominant)
  • S - (Powerful)
  • A+ (Strong)
  • A- (Good)
  • B+ (Useful)
  • C (Rarely Used)

RTA Ranks

The point system is currently like this:

  • Bronze -> 1000 to 1199 pts
  • Silver -> 1200 to 1399 pts
  • Gold -> 1400 to 1599 pts
  • Master -> 1600 to 1799 pts
  • Challenger -> 1800+ pts

Most people will be in Bronze, so often times you will see pocket picks and some unique picks. Once you get to silver and higher, all the top tier picks will show up almost every time.